Specialised Felling

Felling trees safely is no joke. Any tree in a dangerous or tricky spot, in or near sensitive areas, leaning dangerously or becoming dangerous because of a structural defect requires a specialist.


Thinning and Daylighting

Whether it’s a little more daylight filtering through to the lounge or garden beneath or simply giving more room for the Tui and friends to fly through unhindered. Thinning/ daylighting your tree can offer these benefits while giving less bulk and weight in branches reducing risk of wind damage.



In many cases it is possible to reclaim a view or eliminate risk to property without having to take down the entire tree. Reducing a tree can offer a second chance for your tree to regrow and over time be shaped into a more manageable specimen.


Formative Pruning

Creating balance and form in trees is beneficial for the structure and fruiting habits of your tree, not to mention the aesthetic benefits. Formative pruning can achieve this with the help of an artist carrying sharp tools.



Compact enough to fit into most backyards, our Vermeer chipper can make short work of your debris, while providing you with excellent mulch to keep weeds down and retain moisture in your garden.

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